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Books4Bham was founded on the belief that every child has the right to a high-quality education, and should be given the necessary resources to excel academically. We are a youth-driven, grassroots initiative to promote educational equity in the Greater Birmingham Area. With your help, we can close the education gap here in the Magic City.

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  • mei mei sunThank you for supporting our schools, Representatives Gary Palmer & Terri Sewell!

  • thank you for your devotion to educational equity, princeton!

  • So extremely grateful to the Princeton Alumni Association of Alabama for their support!

Record of donations & School contacts

03/12/18 – Impact America’s Ms. A. Sanderson picked up test prep books for SpeakFirst students at Ramsay, Shades Valley, Banks Academy, and JCIB. CorrespondencePress release.

03/18/18 & 11/30/18 – Worked with VHHS Literature Club sponsor Ms. B. Shotts to donate children’s books and test prep materials to local reading nonprofit and Birmingham Public Library. Correspondence.

06/15/18 & 07/17/18 – Test prep book drop offs to Bryan D. & Karlah W.Ramsay students. Correspondence.

09/06/18 – Donate test prep books to Jordan W. from Holy Family Catholic School & spoke with Ms. P. Cowan about book donation. Correspondence.

09/21/18 – Test prep & children’s book drop offs to Mr. R. Johnson to be distributed to Sixth Ave Baptist Church. Correspondence.

09/24/18 – Test prep & children’s books drop offs with Dr. K. King of Banks Academy. Correspondence.

09/28/18 & 11/30/18 – Drop off children’s books with Dr. M. Wilson at Glen Iris Elementary (Correspondence)

09/28/18 & 04/02/19- Drop off children’s books with Ms. M. Baggett at Phillips Academy (Correspondence).

09/28/18 – Mary Morgan drops off children’s books with Ms. N. Flowers at Hayes K-8 School. Correspondence.

10/18/18 & 02/01/19- Drop off children’s books with Ms. D. Holston at Robinson Elementary School, and, upon referral from RES teachers, donated test prep books at Fairfield Public Library. Correspondence.

Donor schools (contacts in parenthesis) are Vestavia Hills High School (Mei Mei & Mary Morgan), Indian Springs School (Cher & Sam), Pizitz Middle School (Ms. K. Hunton), Mountain Brook High School (Alison & Zach), and Oak Mountain High School (Akshitha).

For any questions about donations or recipients, please contact the founder at meimeisun@books4bham.org.